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Tech World Roundup: AI, Chips, Latest AI Trends and Anxieties, and a Band Going Virtual

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Futuristic collage featuring a humanoid robot standing in the center with glowing blue elements, surrounded by various digital representations of technology including a brain, microchips, and abstract human figures composed of starry constellations, all against a backdrop of high-tech circuitry and digital interfaces with AI themes.

AI on the Rise (and Doubting Itself): Generative AI is the hottest ticket in town, spitting out text, code, and even music that eerily mimics human creations. This has artists, musicians, and even programmers a tad nervous. But Meta's AI chief threw cold water on the "superintelligent AI" hype, saying it's not happening anytime soon. My take? Latest AI trends and anxieties: AI's potential is undeniable, but let's keep an eye on ethical implications and responsible development.

Chip Wars Escalate: The US is sending officials to Taiwan to explain its new chip export restrictions aimed at curbing China's tech ambitions. This has China fuming and the global chip industry on edge. I see this as a sign of the intensifying tech rivalry between the US and China, with potentially far-reaching consequences for everyone.

Schools Embrace Online Therapy: With mental health concerns rising among students, US schools are increasingly turning to online therapy platforms. This could be a game-changer for providing much-needed support, especially in underserved areas. However, questions remain about the effectiveness and privacy of online therapy.

Farewell, Live Kiss: Hello, Virtual Rockstars? In a move that signals the potential future of live music, the iconic band Kiss is ditching live touring and becoming virtual avatars. This could open new avenues for artists to connect with fans, but it also raises questions about authenticity and the live experience. I'm curious to see how this experiment plays out.

Hackers and Recalls: Iranian hackers targeted multiple US states and federal agencies, a reminder of the ever-present cybersecurity threats. Meanwhile, BMW recalled SUVs due to faulty airbags, highlighting the importance of vigilance in the tech world.

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